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Who We Are

Credit Scores Review is a leading provider of financial planning, credit management, and identity protection tools. It is our belief that every US consumer can benefit from some level of financial improvement, whether you are a single parent struggling paycheck-to-paycheck or a real estate investor with an 850 FICO score. Advanced data algorithms, state-of-the-art technology, and strategic partnerships allow us to offer a best-in-class service at the lowest possible price.

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What Is A Credit Score

Get access to your credit file- all the data maintained by the credit bureaus, and the information that banks and lenders use to judge you. 

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The Credit Playbook

The Credit Playbook is the foremost collection of tips, tricks, strategies, tools, and templates that the professionals use to manage finances, improve credit scores, plan for retirement, protect your identity, and more. 

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Credit Scores and More

Starting at just $14.99 each month, all Credit Scores Review memberships are rooted on three foundational elements: your Credit File, the Credit Playbook, and help from a Senior Finance Advisor.

Your Credit Journey

Our financial professionals are ready to help you on your credit journey. Using a proprietary 3-stage process, we'll help you fix your credit, build a stable financial foundation and finally be on your way to financial freedom.

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Industry Experts Ready to Help

Made up of former mortgage underwriters, financial advisors, investment bankers, certified credit experts, and CPAs, every one of our members receives time with a Senior Finance Advisor - time normally valued at more than $150 per hour. 

Your Senior Finance Advisor is just a phone call away to help you through the hard times, coach you through improvements, and make sure that every financial decision you make is the right one. Playbook members get up to one hour of Advisor time every 90 days, Premier members receive an hour each month, and PRO members have unlimited time with their dedicated Finance Team.